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In the summer of 2019, the Community Workforce Inclusion Council (CWIC*) of the Regional Workforce Alliance, whose   mission is to champion a robust and diverse workforce that   meets the needs of regional employers, discussed the merits of    a designation to recognize employers who desire to be more inclusive in their workplace culture and practices. 

RWA and CWIC members brought the I-WE concept forward to the   Local Workforce Development Boards, who agreed to implement it throughout the 26 counties of the Region 1 planning area. Employers with the designation will be promoted  to career seekers throughout the region's 11 CareerForce locations.

I-WE Goal

Reduce disparities and raise awareness of the value of and methods for increasing diversity by creating a designation to recognize and promote inclusive employers


1) Express a commitment to an inclusive and equitable workplace in their organization's stated mission, values or policies

2) Assess how diversity, equity & inclusion influence their work / culture

3) Provide diversity, equity & inclusion education for staff & leadership

4) Allocate resources to support and sustain an inclusive and equitable workplace and/or community

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